Hi there, my name is Johannes. Welcome to my blog!

This blog is mainly about (biomolecular) science that I find fascinating. Occasionally you will also come across photographs that I took myself. In addition I am using this blog to share my views on science policy, such as funding policies or publication practices.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Medical Biology from Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands), a nice small city located on the river Rhine. For my Master’s degree in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology I moved to the University if Groningen in the far north of the Netherlands, close to the sea. During that time and during my research project at Harvard Medical School I developed an interest in single-molecule biology and imaging approaches to better understand how life works quantitatively.

Currently, I am at the University of Basel (Switzerland) as a PhD student in the lab of Jeffrey Chao. I am applying single-molecule fluorescence microscopy to study the regulation of gene expression in living cells. By observing these fundamental processes in great detail in a native environment I hope to be able to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms that lead to protein production in a cell in a given space ata specific time.

For my views on this exciting field and science in general I created this blog!

Questions/comments/need-to-talk/Where-is-my-microscope? Email me!

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