The Experiment

December 19, 2011

“[…] One reaction tube contains much more bacteria than the other one and they want to know why. In their own discussion the students conclude that something went wrong during the procedure. The experiment failed. […] But there is no course with the title “How to do proper Science”. […] Daring to make your own conclusions […]. […] Realizing what you have learned over the years […]. […] It sounds so simple, but it is a giant leap. […] Tomorrow we will do a new experiment. An experiment with an unknown result. Educational objective: There will come a day on which you can beg for an explanation of your results, but your teacher will also not know the correct answer. There will come a day on which you will have to figure it out yourself.”

by Rosanne Hertzberger (excerpt from her column in the Dutch newspaper NRC next, December 19th 2011)

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