Stuff for your mind

September 28, 2011

Once in a while it’s good to develop a new perspective on the things  which surround you. The following artists impression does this in two distinct ways. And it’s funny, too.

I believe that it’s originally from This site has some pretty hilarious stuff to offer, but I actually found it at Popperfont which is also a nice place. In the first place I only found those pages because I was looking for a descent science blog which could teach me some interesting things in lab-waiting -periods. I found a very nice one here (selection of 60+ good science blogs). To get a first idea, begin reading this blog entry over why neutrino particles may or may not be traveling faster than light. It’s pretty interesting and makes clear that physics is real world science with all the challenges attached to it. Helps to prevent to see the world as depicted above (although this is also fun at times!).

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